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School Districts Are Seeing a Dramatic Decrease in Diesel Engine Aftertreatment Maintenance Issues With New Stay Warm Feature

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High Point, N.C. – (February 19, 2018) – In early 2017, Thomas Built Buses announced a revolutionary new feature for diesel engines: Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Temperature Stabilization, also known as the Stay Warm feature. This new feature optimizes the regenerative parameters of diesel engines, increasing active regeneration and decreasing aftertreatment DPF maintenance issues. Over the past year, Thomas Built dealers have been implementing the Stay Warm feature in diesel school buses across North America, and school districts could not be more pleased.  

While some school districts are seeing up to a 75-percent decrease in aftertreatment-related issues, other school districts now have zero DPF-related maintenance issues.
“We have had phenomenal results with the new Stay Warm feature,” said David Walton, vehicle services coordinator for Prince William County Schools. “We now only have one-off regeneration issues, a dramatic reduction from where we used to be. The minimal issues we have now are not even in the same ballpark as what we’ve experienced in the past.” 

In partnership with Cummins, the Stay Warm feature is standard and factory-installed on all Cummins engines with a standard exhaust configuration starting April 11, 2017 or later. For customers with an older Cummins engine, model year 2010 or later, Thomas Built dealers can have the engines programmed with this new Stay Warm feature.  

Patty Waites of Hamilton Southeastern was one of the first customers to receive the Stay Warm update. “A representative of Cummins came by and changed the parameters of all of our buses. Since the parameter change, we have had zero DPF issues. We just love it.” Some Thomas Built customers also are adding driver training to further increase the efficiency of their diesel engines.  

“Changing the parameters has definitely helped us a lot. We went from six to seven regens a day in the shop to a total of four a week,” said Charlie Turvin, fleet trainer for Loudoun County Public Schools. “But changing parameters is not the only change we made in our shop. We also taught our drivers how to reduce idle time, how to handle a regen and the proper gear to drive in.” 

“We are thrilled that fleets are seeing significant improvement in their engine and DPF performance due to the Stay Warm feature,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses. “Diesel is one of the cleanest fuels available today and with this feature, fleets can now experience reduced engine maintenance and costs, as well as fleet downtime.”

Thomas Built Buses Receives “World Class” Net Promoter Score
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HIGH POINT, N.C. – (February 5, 2018) –Thomas Built Buses, the leading manufacturer of school buses, and its dealer network, has received top marks from its customers, resulting in an outstanding Net Promoter Score for 2017. Through research conducted by The Daniel Group, Thomas Built has achieved a “World Class” NPS, which is any score within the range of 70 – 100. Being classified as “World Class” is the highest achievement that a company can receive through their NPS. 

Thomas Built’s NPS was gained through positive customer feedback, based on an ongoing series of surveys completed upon the delivery of school buses throughout the year. This score reflects the company’s superior customer service and training, top notch dealer network support, delivery quality and parts selection, among other indicators. 

“Thomas Built Buses still maintains many of the core values that were instilled in the company 100 years ago, including a legacy of excellence, passion, integrity, commitment to safety, and doing things right,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses. “All of us at Thomas Built Buses and within our dealer network strive for continuous improvement. We strive to be better, to build better buses, to provide better service and to continually meet the growing needs of the school bus industry. We are pleased that our commitment to quality products, personalized care and customer service is reflected in this score.”  

The NPS is the most widely used indicator of customer loyalty. On a scale of zero to 10, customers are asked how likely they are to recommend Thomas Built Buses to a friend or colleague. Net Promoter Scores over 50 are considered “Excellent.”  Scores above 70 are considered “World Class.” 

Thomas Built Buses’ performance compares favorably to many NPS leaders in North America, including Southwest Airlines and Amazon ranked as “Excellent,” and Apple and USAA with "World Class" scores.